1234333_10201173492592808_1007474554_nNot only are our firefighters giving their health and their lives for the communities they serve, New Jersey Firefighters enjoy a proud tradition of giving financially to those in most need, especially children.  Millions of dollars has been raised to support burn children, autistic children and adults, and victims of fire and natural disasters.  New Jersey firefighters are committed to helping on and off the job.  Some of our partner charities include:


Save the Children: Over $500,000 was raised by the NJFMBA for Save The Children to support the relief effort after Hurricane Rita and Katrina in the Gulf.  The NJFMBA membership continues to work closely with Save The Children to positively impact the lives of children all over the world.

Children’s Burn Camp:  The NJFMBA Co-founded The Atlantic Regional Firefighters Foundation along with many east coast fire organizations in order to support a burn survivor’s camp for children.  For 10 years now the NJFMBA has participated in, financially supported, and physically interacted with young burn survivors who re-define courage for us all.  Over $100,000 has been raised to support our young heroes by membership dues and charitable contributions to the NJFMBA Foundation.

Eden Autism Services, Autism Speaks, and Autism NJ:  The NJFMBA has partnered with Eden Autism Services, Autism Speaks, and Autism NJ to create a fundraising event called F.L.A.S.H. in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Firefighters attend a weekend golf tournament to support children and families with Autism.  This year’s event raised $30,500 .  Next year’s event is scheduled for October 14th to 18th.

The Sandy Ground Project: Inspired by senseless violence in Newtown, Connecticut and in an effort to restore the storm ravaged east coast after Hurricane Sandy, we endeavor to create 26 living memorials to all children who have been victims of violence while creating safe, fun places for children to be children. May these playgrounds provide a symbol of hope, recovery and a return to normalcy. A gift to our youth in an effort to enhance and sustain their precious childhood. For more information about our story or to learn how to get involved please visit

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