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The New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association, NJ FMBA, is a labor union representing over 5000 career firefighters, EMT's, and dispatchers across the State of New Jersey. We are a powerful voice advocating for the rights of our members and the safety of all first responders in New Jersey.

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Recreational Marijuana Bill Creates New Challenges for Public Safety Unions

The New Jersey Marijuana Legalization Amendment (S2703/A4497) amends the state constitution to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults age 21 and older. It also legalizes the cultivation, processing, and sale of retail cannabis. The constitutional amendment took effect on January 1, 2021

Murphy commits full pension payment

Governor Murphy, in his 2021 budget address, committed a full payment into the State’s pension system. This will be the first full contribution since 1996. The Governor’s original plan had a 90% contribution planned for this year, with the first 100% contribution pegged for 2023. 

PFRSNJ Board moves closer to transfer of fund assets

The Board approved the final steps to adopt the regulations, a groundbreaking achievement in setting the course for the transfer of fund assets and independent control over by the PFRS Board. Senior Board leadership and management are in ongoing discussions with the Governor’s office regarding the next steps of the asset transfer. The Board’s regulatory attention will now shift towards administrative regulations and the proposed modifications to the break-in-service rules. 

"20 and Out" Bill Awaits Governor Murphy's Signature (S1017)

The “20-and-out” Bill, S1017, has passed both legislative Chambers and now is with the Governor’s Office for approval. The main implication of this bill is that members who have 20 years or more of service can retire on a 50% Service Retirement benefit at any age. Previously, the last piece of legislation which granted this benefit required that the member be enrolled by January of 2000 in order to retire at any age with 20 years of service. For members enrolled after that date, retirement was still available after 20 years however benefit payments would not start until the member attained the age of 55 years. This bill has no effect on the Special Retirement for members retiring with 25 or more years of service. 

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