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NJ FMBA Endorsed Candidates

Election day is Tuesday November 6th. The NJ FMBA has endorsed the following candidates:

Nominate your PFRS Pension Representatives

We all know how hard the NJ FMBA has worked to get the passage of this landmark legislation. Now it is up to you, the membership, to follow through and nominate and elect our FMBA members as the representatives on the NEW PFRS Board of Trustees. We cannot stress enough the importance of this vote. Below are the individuals we are supporting for nominations. Click on the links below the individuals name to be taken to the PFRS nomination website and cast your votes for these two worthy individuals.

We are looking to secure at least 300 nominations for each nominee by the start of the business day tomorrow!

Matthew Lubin - Cranford Local 237 - PFRS ACTIVE

John Hund - Local 500 - PFRS RETIRED


Breast Cancer Awareness Month


We share a common bond with the men and women that gave the ultimate sacrifice 17 years ago today. When tragedy happens and the bell goes off we don’t back down, we don’t cower, we face the challenge head on and we perform our duty to keep safe our communities. Many a brave that morning went to work as if it were a normal shift and many never returned home. The courage and brotherhood displayed that day and the days, weeks, and months thereafter to overcome evil will be engrained in our beings forever. To our brothers and sisters we lost that day and to the thousands that suffer from the horrible illnesses as a result of 9/11 we honor you and WE WILL NEVER FORGET. To our members that served that day and the many weeks to follow, keep close in your hearts The Brotherhood. Let this day serve as a reminder to cherish the ones you love and to not take anything for granted. 

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