NJ State Military Service Medal Ceremony


As you know, the NJ State FMBA is proud to support our country’s Service Members and Veterans. In that regard, the NJ State FMBA is partnering with the NJ Department of Military and Veterans Affairs to hold a New Jersey State Military Medal Ceremony September 2022 Convention.

We are asking, both active and retired members, who have served in any branch of the Armed Forces to complete the attached application. It is necessary that the individual meet the eligibility requirements to receive a medal. Those requirements are explained on page two of the application. In addition to the completed and signed application, the service member will need to provide copies, not originals, of the following:

  • • Proof of residency (document showing name and home address)
  • • DD Form 214 indicating “Honorable Discharge”
  • • Evidence of active duty service in qualifying areas or contiguous waters or airspace (if applicable)
  • • Copy of Death Certificate for Posthumous Awards (if applicable)
  • • Evidence of status of POW or MIA (if applicable)


Download Application 

To be included in the ceremony held by the NJ State FMBA, service members must return the above by June 30th, 2022 to (not the address on application):


Attn: Veterans Affairs Committee

1447 Campbell Street

Rahway, NJ 07065

When returning the application and copies of the required documentation to the NJ State FMBA Veterans Affairs Committee, please include NJ State FMBA Local affiliation or relationship to NJ State FMBA member and their Local affiliation. This is a separate recognition from the Vietnam Veteran Commemoration. Those who participated in past ceremonies are not eligible.

During the NJ State FMBA September Convention, we will also be presenting those who served during the Vietnam War Era, on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces from November 1, 1955 to May 15, 1975, regardless of location, with a Proclamation and Pin for their service. This is a separate recognition from the NJ State Military Medals. This is open to any member or family member of the NJ State FMBA. Those who participated in past ceremonies are not eligible.

If you wish to be included in either presentation, or have any questions, please contact, Mary Jane DelValle at (732) 499-9250, option 1 or by email at [email protected].


Bobby Clark, Chair

NJFMBA Veteran Affairs Committee

New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association