Message from the President

The New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association, as the largest labor union representing firefighters, EMTs and dispatchers, continues to set the standard for leadership and advocacy for our members. We are proud to be the voice for public safety workers across the state.

The NJ FMBA is comprised of firefighters, EMTs and dispatchers and for over 120 years has championed the rights and causes of its members.

More than ever before, we are faced with the challenges that at the very core affect each and every member and their families. Today as the tide of political and public support has literally turned on public service workers, we must all work together to dispel the lies and misinformation being delivered to the citizens we serve.

The strength of our union is our members and the commitment to our cause. Member apathy is our biggest challenge and it is incumbent upon you to try and educate and motivate our members to stand up when called upon. Only with your help the NJ FMBA will continue to be organized labor’s strongest voice for public safety in NJ.

Ultimately our future and that of our collective bargaining rights will be determined by the interest and support shown by each and every member.

As you read this publication and recognize the benefits enjoyed by the FMBA’s 5000 plus members, you will also recognize the FMBA’s commitment to continued growth, maintaining its strong voice in government, both on the state and national levels, and insuring its members will be equipped to undertake today’s challenges.

The NJ FMBA stands ready to assist members 24 hours a day, and is proud to provide leadership, support and stability to our members.

Call us at the state office 732-499-9250 if we can assist you further. We hope you find this information helpful and look forward to your input and ideas.

New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association