Atlantic Regional Firefighters Burn Foundation



The NJFMBA Co-founded The Atlantic Regional Firefighters Foundation along with many east coast fire organizations in order to support a burn survivor’s camp for children. For 10 years now the NJFMBA has participated in, financially supported, and physically interacted with young burn survivors who re-define courage for us all. Over $100,000 has been raised to support our young heroes by membership dues and charitable contributions to the NJFMBA Foundation.

The Atlantic Regional Firefighters Burn Foundation has been formed for the purpose of financially supporting camps that specialize in accepting children who are burn survivors. Over forty of these camps exist today in the United States and many, if not all, provide the camp experience to these brave children free of charge. Burn survivors face an array of challenges. Most will have years or even lifetimes worth of painful reconstructive surgeries. These surgeries are then followed by a challenging physical rehabilitation regiment. Children who are burn survivors may also face social and societal situations where their burn injuries make them standout.

Burn camps have therefore emerged as a unique place where these brave survivors can come together in a safe, accommodating environment where no one feels judged by their scars. While the main purpose of these camps may be to have fun, many campers leave camp with a feeling of increased confidence and esteem knowing that they are not alone in their struggles. The Atlantic Regional Firefighters Burn Foundation wishes to make as many of these positive opportunities available to as many survivors as possible.

Our goal is to turn as much of our raised dollars as possible into funds available for burn camps.

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