Bill Ricci WTC Bill

A Certifying Officer Letter has been sent to PFRS, SPRS, and PERS employers regarding Chapter 157, the Bill Ricci World Trade Center Rescue, Recovery, and Cleanup Operations Act.

Enacted July 8, 2019,  this new law permits an active or retired member of the PFRS, SPRS, or PERS Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to file for an Accidental Disability Retirement if the member is, or is to become, totally and permanently disabled due to participation in the rescue, recovery, or cleanup operations at the World Trade Center between September 11, 2001, and October 11, 2001, regardless of whether the member was enrolled in the PFRS, SPRS, or PERS at the time of participation or under orders or instruction by an employer to participate.

Detailed information, the full text of the law, and downloadable forms are available to members on Division of Pension website by using the Bill Ricci WTC Act link in the News section of the Home page.

Please make sure your certifying officer disperses the letter to all members.  We will have a report at the August meeting with a full presentation at the Convention in September.

Click on the link below to download documents pertaining to the bill:

Click here for Bill Ricci WTC Act Files



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