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Summertime Backyard Dangers



Backyards were made for carefree summer days, family BBQs and dinners al fresca. Unfortunately, they’re also the site of many summertime injuries. Use this summer safety list to assess your backyard for potential hazards and make the required fixes.

Here are 9 hidden dangers in your backyard.


The Tactical Athlete

The Tactical Athlete

By Fred Mohr NASM-PT

Captain Elizabeth Fire Department New Jersey Local 209


A recent study in Boston found that among new recruits for fire and EMS services, only 22% were at a healthy weight, while 44% were overweight and 33% were obese. That means that three out of every four recruits were above their recommended healthy weight. And these statistics arent limited to the young. Three-quarters of active emergency responders nationwide are overweight or obese. Additionally, 75% have been classified as hypertensive or pre-hypertensive.

Strains and sprains account for 48% of fireground injuries, which can be a result from being in a deconditioned state. Wearing turnout gear with SCBA and a helmet puts a stress on the body. Compound that with working in less than optimal conditions and the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles of the body can suffer harm easily.

New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association