NJ FMBA Members Take Part In 2022 Fallen Firefighters Memorial Ceremony

Members from the NJ FMBA attended the 2022 Fallen Firefighters Memorial at the NJ Fallen Fire Museum and NJ Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Allentown, NJ on June 4th. Tom Nunn, Clifton FMBA Local 21, has been an instrumental piece in putting the event together along with working to get the museum and memorial operational. This Firefighters Memorial is sacred ground established and dedicated to honor those who have given their time and in some circumstances given their lives (LODD) and passed on. They selfishly gave to their communities and friends, what they could and now we honor and remember them.  The site displays engraved pavers, a steel beam from the 911 World Trade Center Attack, and an annual Memorial Service for all New Jersey residents’.

New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association