Pension Bill S-5 Signed by Governor Murphy

After several years of researching, advocating on, offering testimony for, and seeking support of, our legislation (S-5) to give a new board consisting of a majority firefighters and police officers control of our own pension system has been signed into law.


This is, from a legislative perspective, without a doubt, the most historic day for any current or retired member of the NJ FMBA.  No longer will our pension, our only retirement security, be used as a political football. 

Starting one year and one day from today it will be up to us to select professionals that will work on our behalf, and make decisions in management and investments that will insure that the PFRS is healthy and on a path to financial stability.  

While the journey has been a long one, it was worth every ounce of effort that we all put into it. With unions under attack more than ever, the NJ FMBA stood together and made this happen. We showed that there is strength in unity. We never backed down, we never wavered, and we never gave up. Together we showed what being a union member is about, we proved that our voices together will always be stronger than our voices divided.

As members of the NJ FMBA, we answer the call every single shift, we survey the task at hand, and we accomplish our mission. It was with that spirit that we watched as Governor Murphy put his name on our legislation, and it is with that determination that we will continue to make sure that for our union, for every single one of our members, our best days are ahead.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead our union through one of our most historic times.  

We did it!!!!


Eddie Donnelly

New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association