Safe Fireground Operations for Law Enforcement Officers


The NJ FMBA and The Union County Police Chiefs Association are committed to the safety of all first responders. Our organizations collaborated on the production of an informative video that we hope to have implemented into the educational track of all law enforcement personnel with the hopes that the knowledge and education gained will prevent a tragedy from taking place. 

Often times we see law enforcement officers responding to a fire emergency and sometimes arrive on scene prior to the fire departments. The initial actions taken by arriving officers can have a significant impact on the growth of the fire and the safety of everyone involved in the emergency. Fires today are burning hotter and growing faster than the fires that burned 30 years ago large in part to the composition of materials used in homes and construction. There have been several studies conducted that have focused on fire growth and dynamics with regards to these materials and ventilation and it has been documented that simple actions of closing doors and refraining from breaking windows inhibits fire growth and expansion. 

The video we created outlines some of what has been discussed here and also highlights some critical actions that should and should not be taken at a fire emergency. We hope that you take the time to watch and learn from this video and share it with others in the first responder community so that we can all stay safe and return home after every shift. 

New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association