SCOTUS Decision

Yesterday the US Supreme Court took another shot at weakening unions and depriving workers of their rights to be heard, and adequately protected, in the workplace.

Coming off of 8 years of attacks by Governor Christie this attempt by those that hate everything labor unions stand for does not scare us, and it will not dissuade us from doing what we do every single day, protecting our members.


Whether it is strengthening our pensions, protecting the health and safety of every firefighter who puts their lives on the line every shift, pushing back at attempts to divide us at the bargaining table, or simply standing shoulder to shoulder with our members in dark times, the NJ FMBA will not change course from doing what’s right for the more than 5,000 Firefighters, EMTs, and dispatchers we represent.

The NJ FMBA is strong because we are united, that’s how we continue to fight harder and accomplish more for our members.  

No judge’s decision will change that, and I am confident that our members will continue to stand proud to be a part of the NJ FMBA. 

Eddie Donnelly, President NJ FMBA

New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association