PFRS Pension Bills Advance For Full Consideration

Yesterday, March 22, 2018, Assembly bill A-3671 was reported out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee with bi-partisan support. A-3671 is the Assembly version of S-5, our legislation to transfer management of the PFRS to the PFRS Board of Trustees. Shortly after it’s release yesterday, A-3671 was placed on the board list for consideration by the full General Assembly this Monday, March 26 at 1:00 p.m. 

Trenton sends firefighter layoff plan to state for approval

TRENTON -- City officials have submitted a plan to the state to layoff Trenton firefighters if federal grant money is not awarded to the city, officials confirmed Monday.
Details of the plan were not immediately known Monday evening, but a city official confirmed that a layoff plan was sent to the state Civil Service Commission last week.

Statement from the NJ State FMBA President Ed Donnelly on the Continued Attacks on Health Care

Over the past several months the City of Newark and the unions that represent the city’s firefighters and police officers have been at odds over the implementation of a plan to transition the provision of health care benefits to the State Health Benefits Plan. While the sides have gone back and forth in private, in council meetings and now in the press, one fact that appears perfectly clear is that huge failures occurred with the negotiations by a Business Administrator with a long history of attacks on public safety unions and his botched roll out of the plan. Jack Kelly was also complicit in a DCA plan to layoff all of Harrison FMBA Local 22’s firefighters in retaliation for their refusal to accept an unsafe work schedule.   

Boy made honorary Wildwood City fire chief before he loses eyesight

It was a dream come true for 4-year-old Jackson Mitchell, who's been sworn in as an honorary chief of the Wildwood City Fire Department.

He's always wanted to be a firefighter. 
Jackson, who is autistic and has a number of health problems, suffers from a hereditary disease that will soon rob him of his eyesight.

"If his eyesight stayed where it is now he will never be able to be a fireman and I know that's his dream. That's why he wears red glasses," said his mother, Christy.

New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association