NJ FMBA Endorses Bruce Polkowitz for PFRSNJ Retiree Trustee

The PFRS Retired Trustee election ballots will be mailed out to PFRS retirees on or about September 15th. The NJ FMBA and FMBA Local 500 support incumbent candidate Bruce Polkowitz for this important role. Retired members can submit their votes via the web, phone, or regular mail. All votes must be submitted by November 10th. Please consider supporting Bruce, who has demonstrated an outspoken advocacy for the responsible, sustainable restoration of COLA benefits.

PFRSNJ Launches Dedicated Website and Facebook Page to Serve as Direct and Official Communications to Members

The PFRSNJ has launched a dedicated website and social media page via the Facebook Platform. These platforms will serve as a direct, official communications outreach source for members and system stakeholders to find information about the Fund and its operations. As the team builds out the site over the coming months, members can expect new PFRS specific guidance documents, financial reporting, and minutes and agendas of Board meetings.  The website is

Civil Service Update for Entry-Level FF

The Entry Level Firefighter Announcement opened on 7/1/22 and closed at 4:00 PM on 8/31/22.

Eligible lists resulting from the 2018 written examination were issued on March 22nd, 2019. If you passed the written portion of the examination, your name will appear on the list(s) for which you qualify based upon your veteran status, rank (written test score), volunteer points, and residency. This list is now in its fourth and final year and will reach its statutory maximum on March 28, 2023. If your rank is high enough on a list, AND Fire Fighter vacancies exist in your eligible residency jurisdiction(s), your name may be certified to that jurisdiction’s Appointing Authority (AA) for further consideration. 

Nominations for PFRSNJ Trustee Reps certified by PFRSNJ Board

As the new State Fiscal year begins, the PFRSNJ Board conducts formal reorganization at the July meeting. Ed Donnelly was once again voted as Chairman of the Board in a unanimous  vote. This provides continuity of leadership during a crucial stage of the formal transfer process with the State Treasurer and Division of Investment. The Chair, Executive Director, and Chief Financial Officer provided a public update on the transition negotiation process. Substantial progress has been made in terms of finalizing a memorandum of understanding with the State on a number of discussion points. With the progress towards formal transfer, Board and Management attention is now centering on ensuring the PFRS ability to receive the fund assets.

New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association